Hayden Island Business Info. Until the Interstate Bridge opened in 1917, ferries provided service between Portland and Vancouver. After the bridge opened, streetcar service also began on Hayden Island.

Hayden Island was first known for the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park, which operated from 1928 to 1970. The Amusement Park closed in 1970 and was replaced by a large shopping center, the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter. A new $50 million renovation to the shopping center finished in 2013.

Lotus Isle became a competitive amusement park for a few years in the 1930s. It was located east of Interstate-5, on Tomahawk Island.

Once separate islands, today Tomahawk Island and Hayden Island have merged into one island through landfill and dredging. Tomahawk Island, on the east side of Interstate 5, now features condos, hotels, houseboats, marinas, boat dealers, nautical supply shops and a large Safeway.

Hayden Island, on the west side of Interstate 5, features the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter, manufactured home communities, houseboats, a business park and a large auto auction center.

Salpare Bay, the failed condominium on the east end of Hayden Island, has been something of a nightmare for just about everyone involved, reports the Business Journal: Developers, architects, contractors, banks, attorneys and even neighbors.

According to Portland Business Journal, the long-stuck development project looks like it’s finally going to take flight as apartments.

West Hayden Island, on the other side of the railroad bridge, consists of some 800 acres of undeveloped land. The property is owned by the Port of Portland, which hopes to locate a new port facility there.

Unionized grain handlers are going back to work at Northwest grain terminals including United Grain in Vancouver, Columbia Grain, at Portland’s terminal 5, Louis Dreyfus Commodities north of the Steel Bridge, and Temco, north of the Broadway Bridge.

Some 2,200 residents call Hayden Island home.

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