This site was created wholely by Sam Churchill (© 2016). The webcam (which is not currently operating) will update about 1 frame per second and shows the Interstate 5 bridge and Vancouver Washington, located at River Mile 128 on the Columbia River. The Interstate 5 bridge connects Vancouver Washington and Portland.

The I-5 bridge is about 1 mile to the East of our vantage point while the Interstate railroad bridge, (and the Port of Vancouver), can be seen about 1 mile west from this vantage point. The Washington side of the river is about 1,000 ft from our location.

Vancouver Washington, the Red Lion Inn, and the boat landing at The Quay is north, from our Hayden Island location. We are directly opposite the planned Vancouver Waterfront Development Project which is expected to begin soon.

Our webcam uses a Fosscam FI 9821W, a pan/tilt camera with 720p resolution with an Ethernet output. It plugs into my router. A second camera, D-Link’s DCS-930L is also available to feed directly to Sensr.net. A cheap $10 telephoto accessory lens brings the train up close.

The objective of the HaydenIsland.Info website is to provide live video on the Interstate Bridge, viewable from a browser. The camera is a Fosscam FI 9821W, a pan and tilt 720p camera (http://amzn.to/156XBWW) and we would use our Comcast 50 Mbps connection off Comcast’s router.

There are several live streaming options: A $100 Nexus 4 can work as a camera. A streaming app on a phone may utilize Facebook or Twitter for social networking or be hosted on Ustream or Livestream.


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